Santo Domingo VIP Tour

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Adults. Children 55US$ (5 to 10 years)

Duration: 10 hours aprox.

This tour is available on wednesday

Minimum 5 people
Maximum 26 people

Punta Cana hotels pickup


Uncover the Dominican Capital in an exclusive excursion, with a maximum of 26 people in a private VIP vehicle, WIFi and as comfortable as can be. A tour with a very special route, where we will first visit the Museum of the Dominican Rum, and enjoy a topical rum tasting, including; passion fruit, pineapple and other tropical flavors. A private guide will accompany us during the tour, telling all the great story from the time of the invasion and discovery of America, about The First Cathedral of the Americas, Los Tres Ojos, The Columbus Lighthouse, the streets of the old town and about Columbus’ Alcazar.


Roundtrip transportation to and from your hotel
Comfortable pick-up hours, without having to get up early
Private VIP vehicle, 6-seater +driver
Free WIFI on the vehicle
Private professionally qualified Guide
Direct route to Santo Domingo, without stops at the Gift Shops
Traditional Dominican Food Stop at Los Tres Ojos
Visit to The Columbus Lighthouse
Entrance to the Museum of Dominican Rum
Entrance to Culumbus’ Alcazar
Entrance to The First Cathedral of the Americas
Entry to the Mausoleum of Santo Domingo
Walk through the typical streets of the Colonial Town
Free time for shopping
Health insurance and RC


Pick up at hotels in Punta Cana at 8:30
Take off to Santo Domingo at 8:30, arriving around 10:30
11:00 Visit to Los Tres Ojos
11:45 sightseeing and historical tour including The Columbus Lighthouse and other monuments
12:15 Arrival Colonial Town
13:30 Lunch
14:30 Continued visit of the Colonial Town
16:00 We head back to the hotels
18:30 Arrival at hotel

An Exclusive Excursion like no other
Get to know Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic in the most exciting way excursions can. We will do a cultural tour in a 6-seater +driver VIP vehicle, with WIFi and more. The only tour that includes beverages during the whole tour, visit to the Museum of Dominican rum and stop at the Columbus Lighthouse. In addition, we will visit Culumbus’ Alcazar, the mausoleum, the first Cathedral of the Americas and Los Tres Ojos. This excursion is for a maximum of 6 people, creating more advantages; pick-up is later than in the standard tour (enough time for breakfast at the hotel and time to rest calmly). You will also get to visit the Colonial Town in Santo Domingo in the evening, an experience like no other.

The city
Santo Domingo was one of the first cities founded in all of America. The city offers to its visitors plenty of culture and history, in addition to their typical cuisine. With us, you will visit the main monuments of the Colonial Town of Santo Domingo with a qualified guide who will tell you all about our continents history, taking you back into the past. We will complete the tour with the visit to Los Tres Ojos.

The streets
To take us back into Colonial times of the city, there is nothing better than touring the streets with distinguished constructions of the epoch, while our guide is teaching us about all the details and anecdotes that will make you experience the feeling of traveling to the past.

Colonial Town and Historical Monuments
On our guided visit to the Colonial Town we will visit all the major monuments: Columbus’ Alcazar and the Cathedral, wander through the Main Square and the Old Colonial Town. We will see a panoramic view of the Presidential Palace and the Columbus Lighthouse. On the streets of the Colonial Town we can witness the essence of the Caribbean ambience, its culture and its people. We will visit the Cacao Museum where we will taste a diversity of exotic flavors and try other products such as body cream, coffee, cocoa, etc. We will visit the oldest and the First Catedral in America, perfectly preserved and restored. The guide will also share anecdotes about the ceremonies that were performed. We will later revisit and discover the charming corners of this town full of history, in which one can perceive the atmosphere of the era as if they were back in time.

Visit to Los Tres Ojos
Right outside of the capital, we make a stop at Los Tres Ojos, a cave made of freshwater that forms and divides into three different lakes that can be admired from the surface without the need to enter.

- The Sulfer Eye, the first Eye:
This is the first lake that we will be able to see. Its name is due to the fact that in the background you will notice a whitened substance, therefore the people who discovered the lake thought that it was sulfur, but later, scientific studies showed that it was not sulfur but calcium and other minerals.
- The Fridge, the second Eye:
The second lake that we will visit has its name due to the low temperatures that it can reach, since it never receives sunlight. Its temperatures range between 15°C and 21°C. You may also find a handcrafted wooden boat to cross the lake of 5.4 meters of depth.
- The Lake of the Ladies, the third Eye:
The third lake has its name due to the fact that not long ago,it was used as a spa. For its discreet location and shallow waters it was only used by women and children.
- The Qwak:
This is the fourth lake, its name is due to a species of ducks and amphibians that are native to the area, along with the natural vegetation that surrounds the lake. The lake is 6.1 meters deep and it is the only lake that is outdoors, therefore is not recognized as an official eye.

About the Pick-up
It is ideal to reach Santo Domingo at about 10 in the morning, which mean pick-ups start at about 7. Depending on your hotel, the pick-up may vary between 7 and 8 in the morning.

Do you have to walk alot?
As it is a City-Tour we will be walking throughout the Colonial Town, the monuments and between the historical streets. The walks are calm and become very entertaining, in fact, this tour is recommend for the whole family, both children and adults can make the journey without much effort.

How will I be able to buy traditional products as souvenirs?
We will make a stop on the way to Santo Domingo in a Gift Shop, where you can find products such as Mamajuana, Dominican coffee, handmade cigars, paintings, creams and natural essences, etc..., and also in Santo Domingo, in the Museum of cocoa, you wil lbe able to purchase products if you wish.

About the Food
The food is a huge plus to this tour. We have chosen a colonial themed restaurant in the very center of the historical city, with entertainment and typical dances during you meal. You can even try the Dominican Sancocho (rice with beans and tropical fruits).

What to wear?
Short pants and comfortable footwear is most recommended.

How long is the visit at each monument?
There is no estimated time of duration because it always depends on the group, but it usually won't take more than 45 minutes to not lose the pace of the tour.

Opiniones de clientes que hicieron esta excursión

[cs_mg_testimonials_element type="testimonials-slider" layout="mg-style1" background="hsl(204, 98%, 45%)" contcolor="hsl(0, 0%, 100%)" identitycolor="hsl(0, 0%, 49%)" columns="mg-two-col" autoplay="true" autoplay_time="8" nav_button="false" slider_dots="false"][cs_mg_testimonials_element_item heading="Luís P." src="" designation="Viaje en pareja - Bogotá, Colombia" amount="0" icon="adjust" link_link_title="solid"]Superó nuestras expectativas. Un servicio realmente buenísimo y con muchos detalles. Gracias por esta experiencia![/cs_mg_testimonials_element_item][cs_mg_testimonials_element_item heading="María García" src="" designation="Viaje en pareja - Albacete, España" amount="0" icon="adjust" link_link_title="solid"]Particularmente disfruté de la excursion muchísimo. Me gusta conocer un poco a su gente y su cultura, y este tour es justo lo que buscaba. Totalmente privado y sin colas en los lugares que visitábamos, comimos de cine, el guía un 10, y el vehículo que nos llevó no puede ser más cómodo.[/cs_mg_testimonials_element_item][cs_mg_testimonials_element_item heading="Laura Candela" src="" designation="Amigos- Benidorm, Alicante" amount="0" icon="adjust" link_link_title="solid"]Excelente! Una excursión muy completa y muy diferente a las demás que realmente supero nuestras expectativas. Conocimos la verdadera ciudad de Santo Domingo, una maravilla. [/cs_mg_testimonials_element_item][cs_mg_testimonials_element_item heading="Cristina Sempere" src="" designation="Pareja- Alicante" amount="0" icon="adjust" link_link_title="solid"]Santo Domingo VIP 100% recomendable! Una excursión muy completa y a muy buen precio! Si venís de vacaciones a RD no podéis iros sin hacerla!![/cs_mg_testimonials_element_item][/cs_mg_testimonials_element]


You will automatically receive the tour voucher to your e-mail at the end of the booking process



Adults. Children 55US$ (ages 5 to 10)

To get this price you will pay online a 25US$ per person deposit, the rest is paid at the tour.


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Frequently asked question

Medical insurance included

All our tours include comprehensive medical insurance. In case of any incident, the insurance of the excursion will take care of the situation and any expenses that may be involved.

What happens if there is bad weather on the day of my reservation?

If due to weather conditions you decide not to attend that day, don't worry, we will reschedule the tour date for no charge. If for any reason you could not any other day, the amount of reservation paid is refunded 100%.

What if I decide to change the date of the tour?

Only if the desired date is available, changes will not entail any expenses, for this you only have to notify us a minimum of 48 hours before the reservation.

How do I contact someone from Caribe Activo from Dominican Republic?

If you need to contact us you can do it in several different ways: if you have WiFi and a mobile with WhatsApp, at +1 8294063944. You can also do it from reception by calling us at the same number. Our customer service works extended hours from 6:30 to 23:00.

What time is the exact pickup?

At the latest, 10 days before the tour we will send you the exact time when the transport will arrive at the hotel or pick up point that you have indicated. If the reservation is short notice we will give you preference and will send you the exact pick up time on the same day that you make the reservation.

How do I recognize the transportation that picks me up?

In the e-mail that you will receive with the exact pick up schedule, you will find the description on how to distinguish the transport that will pick you up. Each tour has a personalized sign in front of the vehicle, and in some cases are buses with a sign that we will indicate. In any case, the driver will call you by your name at the pick up point, and at that time, you will show the ticket.

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